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This video is sponsored by Missing Link, in cinemas April 11. See trailer here https://youtu.be/JzvCbck3s6c Norris Nuts Play Playground games and battle to determine the best adventurer of the playground. More challenges https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-9e5-juKQO8htoMczmkY-Fv5dLiMfIWa **FOLLOW Our TikTok @norrisnutstiktok #MissingLink #Ad #Roadshow

After watching the movie Missing Link, the Norris Nuts were inspired to do some outdoor adventure playground games to recreate some of the scenes and themes in the movie.

This Video includes Playground Adventure Games for kids inspired by the movie "Missing Link"

Challenge 1 - Hang - was inspired by the Icicle scene where Missing Link and Lionel Frost must hang on for their lives.

Challenge 2 - Rope Tether - was inspired by the teamwork shown in Missing Link in the outdoor adventures. This requires us to work together to achieve a goal.

Challenge 3 - Big Shoe Relay - was inspired by Missing Link's big feet and we try to 'walk in his shoes' for this challenge!

Challenge 4 - Chase - this was inspired by the many pursuit scenes in the movie where Missing Link and Lionel Frost were trying to escape the villains. The movie shows us the value of spending time outdoors and balancing 'green time' with ‘screen time’. Important for kids now to be as active as they can be outside with adventures and games.

What do you want us to do next? Tell us in the comments below... Get us to 'DO STUFF'….

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