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Who are some of the animals who are evil geniuses out there?! Did you guys know about dolphins messing with puffer fish essentially so they can get high off of their toxins?! Or what about assassin bugs who are essentially ninjas?! Find out all about some of the most devious animals out there in this video!

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Here are animals who are basically evil geniuses!

12 - Male Cuttlefish
These days if you’re single, meeting a potential partner is easier than ever before. There’s Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, and there’s even Bumble Bff, where you can find people just to hang out! No more of the old fashion way of just meeting people through your friends or people who just happen to be around you. Essentially, be thankful you’re not a male Cuttlefish. Granted,you’d have pretty cool camouflaging skills if you were, but check out what some of the guys have to do in order to find a partner! Some male cuttlefish are too small to fight for a mate, so they have to have a sneaky plan if they wanna get the ladies. In order to fool their fellow larger males, male Cuttlefish will disguise half of his body to look like a female to the male cuttlefish, while he’ll keep on displaying his male patterns to the female cuttlefish! The larger male therefore thinks he’s in luck with two females! As long as the smaller male avoids being grabbed in the typical cuttlefish mating embrace, the smaller camouflaged male cuttlefish is safe. Meanwhile, the actual female, who isn’t too picky, mates with the smaller, sneaky male right in front of the large male! The eggs she now lays will contain a mixture of sperm from both fathers, giving her eggs the best possible chance of success! How do you guys feel about this mating strategy?! What would you guys do if you found out some lady you hit on weren’t actually female?! Let us know in the comment section! And oh yeah, do us a big favor and hit the like button, right here!

11 - Pacific Striped Octopus
You know that old trick where kids reach around and tap someone on their far shoulder to try and make them look the other way? Well, in the ocean, the Pacific Striped Octopus employs that exact same strategy in order to catch food! Anytime they get hungry for shrimp, these octopus swim right up to them, reach their tentacles around and tap the shrimp on the back. This pretty much freaks the shrimp out, who think there’s some threat right behind them. So they swim to get away….right into the trap of the clever Octopus. Not only is this very sneaky, it’s also an unusual hunting method for an octopus. Whereas other Octopus species tend to just snag their dinner with their long tentacles, the larger, and perhaps less agile Pacific Striped Octopus prefers this sneaky approach. Wanna hear something else that’s weird? Of course you do! When mating, the males keep their mates at tentacles reach to avoid being eaten. Welcome to the weird and wacky world of a Pacific Striped Octopus!

10 - Boxer Crabs
Boxer Crabs have teamed up with sea anemones to form one of nature’s most interesting symbiotic relationships. Armed with stinging tentacles that can wreak some serious havoc, the sea anemones provide a useful weapon to the boxer crabs. The crabs literally use the aneomes as weapons to fend off predators. While it may look like the crabs are just waving around colorful pom poms, it’s actually a very effective survival tactic. And for their efforts, the anemones get fed…...for free. The boxer crabs, grateful for the services provided by the anemones, help them collect food. So it’s a classic case of “if you let me use you as a deadly weapon, I’ll help you use your tentacles to collect and eat food.” Hey wait a minute, this isn’t evil at all!!! Maybe they’re great friends!

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