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18 Women From Around The World Who Look Like Disney Princess Rapunzel In Real Life
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There are no words to describe the beauty and the splendor that comes with having long hair. It’s fun and oh so endearing. And while some might think it’s a real hassle, others love spending hours taking care of their long manes. But even though these women are not exactly Disney princesses, their hair is like a fairy tale. These real-life Rapunzels have long, lustrous locks that touch their heels. Some of them have hair that is even longer than that.

The Rapunzel we’ve seen on the big screen and read about growing up had hair that contained over 100,000 strands. And it was also strong enough to allow a handsome man to use as a rope to climb to the top of a tower. But while these women don’t have a Mother Gothel in their lives, they still have plenty of challenges of their own. Hair maintenance has been an ongoing challenge in their lives. Then there’s the stress of figuring out what to do with so much hair when they’re getting ready for a wild night of partying.

And if that wasn’t enough, being the unfortunate victim of bed head every morning hasn’t been easy. Most of these gals have woken up looking like someone who licked a light socket. But they’ve managed to balance functionality and aesthetics and dominate their impressive long locks. As a result, they have the whole world praising their extremely gorgeous Rapunzel hair. And they don’t mind the upkeep and are practically afraid to cut it.

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