Xem Conjuring 2 Nun Scene - Sound Design Project - Clip Youtuber #1

Conjuring 2 Nun Scene - Sound Design Project Đăng Tải Bởi Kênh Terry Chalmers   2 years ago

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Newest Sound Design project, this time I tried a horror scene which I think worked out okay in the end. Let me know what you think, creative criticism is always welcome!

The sound effects used are almost all from sound packs/banks or otherwise sourced online, The small bit of dialogue you hear is a recording of me pitched up to make me sound like a teenage girl.

It's a scene from the Conjuring 2, a horror film based on the Enfield Hauntings in England during the late 70's.

The 'score' and rest of the sound design was created and mixed using Logic Pro 9 on Mac. Edited the clip using Mac's 'iMovie'. This is a project that took me about 3 days to complete (finished it quickly as I hate the Nun!)

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