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Check out truly brilliant shoe hacks that will ease your life and prolong the life of your shoes. The main idea is that you should always take care of your shoes and we are here to help you! If you’ve bought a pair of amazing new heels and they are tight, stretch them. Otherwise, it won’t be comfortable to use them. You will need a hair dryer, spirit, and socks. Watch our video and find a full tutorial. The easiest and cheapest way to avoid blisters is to use a sanitary napkin. Use paraffin candle to waterproof your sneakers. You don’t need to buy expensive shoe fresheners as you can use tea bags, lemon or soda instead. Clean the sole of sneakers using an old toothbrush. If you don’t know how to store high boots, use a pool noodle. If your feet are tired or hurt after a whole day in heels, we have a perfect solution for this problem. Use a tennis ball to massage your feet. Place a tennis ball on the floor, step on it and roll back and forth.
If you love spending your days riding a bike, we will show you genius lifehacks how to repair it without instruments, how to comfortably ride it barefoot and wearing a dress, how to make a holder for the phone from rubber bands.
Check out more cool household hacks you totally should try: wrap the remote control with wrapping plastic prevent food stains while eating and watching the favorite show, make a cool and cheap door stopper, learn lazy ways to iron your clothes; cook noodles in the kettle and learn helpful lifehacks that will help you to escape!

00:22 Stretch your new shoes
00:45 Waterproof your shoes
01:23 Clever way to store high boots
04:51 Bicycle lifehacks
07:07 Lazy ironing idea
10:36 Escape lifehacks

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