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The Right Opinion: The Guy Who Sued h3h3 - Inside The Mind Of Matt Hoss | TRO

When I was a very small commentator, I made a little video called Matt Hoss Could Win, in which I expressed my feelings on his whole lawsuit and how in fact he could be successful, at the time Fair Use was still a very untested concept, and there had been cases in the past where creators had lost against claimants, so I was especially sceptical of how some out of touch court might handle the case, I think it was a justified concern, and at the end of the video sister snapped and went off on a memorable rant that today would make such a typically placid individual like myself cringe.

That video was really the first taste of any success I had as it amassed approximately fifty thousand views at the time, and I was pretty excited, I mean what would this spell for an aspiring commentator like myself? Well, basically nothing for another year as all my videos afterwards didn’t really do much, but I guess today, like Chris Martin once said, we’re going back to the start, because I do find Matt Hoss a fascinating bloke.

Matt Hoss’s channel is known as the Matt Hoss Zone, he did used to have an Instagram but that’s gone, and he has been relatively inactive on all platforms where he expresses his distaste of Donald Trump, and promises his inevitable return to the followers who are eagerly awaiting another masterpiece from the maestro himself. As a creator he is fairly established, running on the platform for a few years, with a fairly respectable backlog of content, his description reads: “Original comedy, action, horror, and fantasy short films. With electronic dance music. From the mind of Matt Hosseinzadeh.” Hosseinzadeh being his full last name, which you know he has mercifully shortened so I appreciate that, it’s going to probably knock around 10 minutes off this video. The original comedy, action, horror and fantasy short films, were a mix of him picking up girls with his mad parkour, and vampires, I mean that’s a simplification, but I think the emphasis on his description is “Matt”, there is no other way to describe his channel, other than it is Matt Hoss, unfiltered Matt Hoss. Like The Room was unfiltered Tommy Wiseau. This is where h3 are introduced.

Most people know how the story goes, that basically Matt filed a civil action against h3 under the premise that their use of his content wasn’t fair and defamed his character, h3 disputed this, and this then escalated to the courts, fortunately this time round, the judge then, Katherine Forrest, the absolute legend, ruled in favour of the Kleins, it was probably one of the most famous motions and it was really heartwarming to see an often divided community uniting for the cause of something that transcended the differences.

Matt Hoss, the man at the centre of the lawsuit, became the sort of Disney Villain of YouTube, he himself was a content creator, and thus the lawsuit felt very personal. I spoke about this in the Smosh video, but often when businesses file lawsuits there is a lack of accountability, we’ll hate the business, but they have no personality to hate, they have no face to lambast, Matt Hoss put himself at the front and centre of the controversy, and there were very few people who were willing to defend him, he didn’t set himself out there as a likeable character.

He often came across as highly egocentric, and narcissistic and people tended to hone in on this, people hated him for it, and when videos came out, they were very critical of Matt Hoss in the moment, but no-one really asked why he did it, and in a way, when the situation is transpiring, I wouldn’t expect people to, the stakes seemed very high and theorising over motivations when they weren’t exactly relevant to the outcome seemed unnecessary, but I feel like now the time has passed, and we’re all on the Tubes, just chilling, like the fellow kids we are, I feel maybe we have time for a discussion, because as I said, I really do find the character of Hoss a very one.

I think many people at the time just saw him as this delusional reactionary, completely high off his own hubris, and with this image in his head that the persona that he had crafted in his content had been completely undermined, and you know when you look at the evidence, it’s one hundred percent a credible point of view, and one that I may even agree with to an extent, but I want to have a discussion, because I think there was a level of calculation that many people didn’t pay attention to, and I want to watch his videos so we can perhaps understand the mind, and motivations of Matt Hoss.

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