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GAME MASTER PANCAKE ART CHALLENGE with GRACE SHARER (CWC Project Zorgo Reveal, Mystery Spy Gadget) Đăng Tải Bởi Kênh Stephen Sharer   5 months ago

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Last time the GAME MASTER FOUND with SPY GADGET MACHINE HIDING IN SHARER FAM HOUSE (top secret announcement clues) and Stephen Sharer and his sister Grace Sharer found the top secret spy gadget in the Sharer Family home but the CWC Project Zorgo member had left the top secret clues behind for Steven and Grace to search for answers and mystery. Once all the clues where found, it turns out the Project Zorgo member wanted Stephen and Grace to do a new diy challenge, the pancake art challenge family fun edition where Steven would challenge his sister to the best pancake art challenge ever! The Sharers got to work making the best diy drawings for the challenge, Last time Grace Sharer won the GAME MASTER 3 MARKER CHALLENGE with GRACE SHARER (Project Zorgo, CWC Mystery Decoder, Spy Gadgets) and this time Stephen wants to win the Pancake Art Challenge. As you know, Pancakes are a delicious breakfast food you can eat and enjoy and the Game Master made this an easy & safe diy tutorial for Stephen Sharer and Grace Sharer to challenge each other to in a super funny comedy video where they try not to laugh as they try to make homemade pancakes with designs of Project Zorgo Member, Spy Gadget devices, and mystery spy mobiles. Whoever wins this family friendly game will find out the next clue from the Game Master and maybe even get to the bottom of this Chad Wild Clay Project Zorgo member who has been after Vy Qwaint and Rebecca Zamolo as well!

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