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BTS are drunku 😆 Đăng Tải Bởi Kênh MisuP   10 months ago

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Watch this video to see BTS having a good time xD,
BTS being real drunkeu and fake drunkeu,
squishy fighting,
Hobi being overly proud of his meal,
BTS being themselves during shows,
RM trying to sing Jimin's line,
Hobi being a hopeful flower,
Jimin taking Jin's food and then panicking xD
(it's not a good idea to take Jin's food, in case you didn't know xD),
Jiminie being clumsy,
members laughing and much more.
Enjoy! :D

BTS are drunku 😆
방탄소년단가 술에 취해있다 😆
防弾少年団は酔っています 😆

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