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Why This YouTuber Can't Stop Eating - Amberlynn Reid | TRO Đăng Tải Bởi Kênh The Right Opinion   10 months ago

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The Right Opinion: Why This YouTuber Can't Stop Eating - Amberlynn Reid | TRO

With the shift in cultural focus by many people, it appears that access to consumption and sedentary lifestyle has created what many view as an epidemic, particularly in countries like the US, where obesity has ballooned, there are many reasons why this might be considered. However, with the existence of fat people, comes the existence of fat YouTubers.

Larger YouTubers are nothing particularly new, you’re dealing with a platform that is based online, many people on the platform are not the most active, and they might even find appeal within their great weight.

However, from this transpired a new genre, this mainly revolved around weight loss, the reason should be fairly obvious: we as viewers, typically look for some element of ourselves in the creator, whether that’s something that we currently have, or something that we aspire to be, now when you have a weight loss YouTuber, this is someone that we should follow their journey with. We find inspiration in their progress, maybe you are an overweight person, but at the same time, you’re an introvert, or an agoraphobe, and don’t want to show your body at a Weight Watchers meeting, maybe they can give some advice on how to lose weight from the realms of the screen, although it may not be sufficient to make you lose weight on its own, they may provide inspiration, may provide you with that extra motivation, and then maybe you can document your journey online too, and inspire other people to come along with you.

The problem is that this vision doesn’t always happen, and sometimes people themselves aren’t strong enough to create that arc through their own volition, and thus the story changes very significantly, and because they’re documenting all on YouTube, suddenly this augments into something much uglier, this is where we reach today’s creator, the creator known as Amberlynn Reid.

It was a late evening, I had worked on a video only to make the decision that actually, although I wasn’t a fan of the creator’s content, there wasn’t enough to make a video, so I decided to watching a few videos, I knew one of my fellow creators known as Danarchy had released a couple of uploads on these YouTubers who were rather notorious for the handling of their weight on the platform and so, in my crisis I decided to sit down and watch them, and although he was a tad too insulting for my rather polite demeanour, he touched on some important points, that I definitely feel could be expanded on in a Right Opinion video, his content definitely does a great job at individually calling out the YouTubers in question, but what is there beneath the surface? Well let’s talk about the YouTuber in question.

This is Amberlynn Reid, she is a 28 year old YouTuber from the United States of America, she recently become a target for a lot of YouTubers, for a multitude of reasons, typically the cycle consists of her doing something, people reacting, people noting her rather counterproductive efforts to lose weight, people noting various other negative traits, such as her apparent compulsion to lie, and deceive her audience, and alleged manipulation of certain situations. Hell, there is a whole channel dedicated to exposing Amberlynn for her weight, that is some spicy commitment considering that many of these videos receive more views than Amber’s videos themselves.

Amberlynn appears to be a dubious character for more reasons than just her weight, and although I do consider many of them valid criticism, and would definitely implore people to look into that, that will typically be a secondary narrative of this video, because although I will definitely touch on that, there’s a lot of detail to these stories that I think you can only really see from the testimonies, and I don’t plan on addressing all of those. Though if you are interested, I’ll definitely reference and link some of the more controversial incidents sooner or later in the video, because there is a lot to cover.

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