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15 rules all kids in the Royal family must follow.
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Some people look at the royal family and see its prim and polished members as people worthy of admiration and emulation. While others see a lifestyle that is far too confining to ever envy. It’s true that there are a lot of rules that the royal family must follow, even its youngest members. We will tell you fifteen rules that the royal children are expected to obey. Prince George goes to a public school, but he does so while accompanied by security detail, and someday his sister Princess Charlotte will as well. The kids are taught to sit a certain way, such as mastering the “Duchess slant” often demonstrated by Kate Middleton. They must also seek permission from the Queen if they plan to fly somewhere on vacation. There’s also one game that they are forbidden to play, and we’ll tell you which one it is! It’s probably one you have in your house.

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