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Wii Sports Resort - Swordplay Duel: vs Champion Matt + All Stamps Đăng Tải Bởi Kênh Adriaan   4 years ago

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In this video, I'll be playing Swordplay Duel, and obtain all 5 stamps! (check the description for a detailed explanation on how to obtain these stamps.)

0:54 vs Ryan (1st and 3rd stamps)
2:07 vs Mike (2nd and 4th stamps)
3:36 vs Giovanna (Road to Pro Class)
4:30 vs James (Match before Champion)
5:38 vs Champion Matt (5th Stamp/ Champion Match)

Swordplay Duel:
Knock your opponents off the platform with your sword. Best 2 out of 3 wins!

These stamps are pretty easy to obtain, but takes awhile to complete. I fast forwarded some matches because of the slow process. You can only receive these stamps on single-player mode. And I advise getting the first four stamps on weaker CPUs.



Cliff Hanger: Obtained at 1:20
If there is a draw after 3 matches, the final round will be played on the smaller battle stage. You obtain this stamp after fighting the fourth round on the "smaller circle".
(How to get the final ring: Win, Lose, Tie / Tie, Tie, Tie)

Straight to the Point: Obtained at 2:18
Knockout a CPU off the stage with a "lunge". Make a strong stabbing motion and poke the CPU off the ring with the tip of the sword.

Met Your Match: Obtained at 1:42
You obtain this stamp after you tie on the final battle ring (small circle). Don't attack the CPU but shield their attacks. A strong hit from you can knock off the CPU, the same goes for a CPU hit.

One Hit Wonder: Obtained at 3:00
You obtain this stamp after knocking off a CPU off the ring in one strike/ hit. It's only possible to do this by fighting on the smaller ring. The CPU should be wobbling on the edge to make the one swing easier.

Last Mii Standing: Obtained at 8:28
Defeat Matt, the Swordplay Duel champion in a match. You face him at a level around 1500. It will be sunset and the music will change. Matt is the hardest CPU in Swordplay Duel, he hits VERY hard and hits quick when you're wobbling.


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