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How Two "Girls" Became YouTube's Greatest Punchline - Girl Defined | TRO Đăng Tải Bởi Kênh The Right Opinion   6 months ago

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The Right Opinion: How Two "Girls" Became YouTube's Greatest Punchline - Girl Defined | TRO

One of the most common explanations for why we’re here is the notion of a higher celestial being; a god.

For many people it makes sense, either through philosophical explanation or personal experience, the notion of a God can be a very beneficial for many people. However, it’s not just an individual opinion, although everyone of course, has their own perception. Typically, an individual’s belief in a higher celestial power will be made sense of through the lens of religion, religion allows people to categorise their core perceptions a bit more clearly, and often provide elaboration as to what sort of behaviours may be desirable from the perspective of a God. This is typically content that will reach into our daily lives, our diet, our relationships, our behaviour in life, how we define ourselves is very important, and having religion as a moral foundation for behaviour gives people much more clarity in what they believe, and in spite of its flaws, it helps many people “define” themselves.

Many people who may be lacking purpose will find it in religion, and many may develop a keen enthusiasm for it, and will want people to see what they have seen in it. They will want to spread the word, they will become missionaries of sorts. Now, back in the days of old, missionaries travelled all over the world to spread the word of their religion and do their best to convert individuals who may be otherwise sceptical of what they preach. Some people still do that to this day, with mixed results, but others have felt the need to modernise the medium of how they spread this knowledge, and this has led us to YouTube. YouTube is the medium for influence, there are so many people who use YouTube for multiple purposes, from all over the world, and you don’t have to leave your room to post content there. It truly is revolutionary for communication. YouTube’s user base is also pretty young, and given that young people are least likely to belong to a religion, this leads to a target audience that is prime for conversion to whatever religion of course. Now, at first, it seemed that most religious content uploaded was just broadcasts of preachers providing their religious wisdom to their congregation. Because of the cultural variety within these preachers, this definitely led to some unique insight into what happens in certain churches.

Play Clip - https://youtu.be/9nW0sm86VNM?t=2 (until “...aahhh” at around 0:20)

It is quite wondrous to be honest, but that’s not why we’re here today, because eventually, many creators popped up whose content wasn’t just a broadcast, but an actual direct creation, with the purpose of talking directly to you, the viewer. To tell you about the joys of religion, and as mentioned, there are many religions, but the one we will be focusing today is one that is the centre of attention is one that I assume you guys are all a bit more familiar with: Christianity.

Christianity has been one of the culturally dominant religions in the western world over observable history, for better and for worse, and because of its cultural dominance it feels natural that it would be one of the most commonly represented on a fairly westernised platform, though mind you, looking at T-Series, the internet is certainly expanding. For now, I assume most of the people who watch my channel are typically exposed to the same brand of religious creator that I am, and that brings us to Girl Defined.

Girl Defined or, Girl Defined Ministries, if you’re feeling extra Godly, is the Christian channel owned by sisters Bethany and Kristen, they are what I would brand as internet missionaries, providing a modern update to the age old messages preached in the Bible. Now, they’ve been going for a good five years, and over that time have put out a consistent stream of content, which, although definitely varying in its delivery, still focusing on the core message: that we should act in the way that God hath intended us to, and avoid sinful behaviour. They also have their own website, where they publish various thoughts, they’re selling their own books, and are even going on tour apparently, damn they really must have their following. This seems fairly unexceptional to an extent, there are plenty of people who do this, and arguably, there are many people who do it in a much more provocative fashion. In fact, on first glance, two whitebread girls talking about how to behave in a Christian way seems like one of the most unexceptional concepts for a channel.

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