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Ranking The Five Biggest Club Rebuilds This Summer | B/R Football Ranks Đăng Tải Bởi Kênh B/R Football   7 months ago

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There are plenty of big clubs who have struggled this season, and who seem to be in a summer of transition in terms of transfers. We turn the studio into a soccer surgery for a week and let our expert doctors, Sam Tighe, Dean Jones and Jack Collins, take a diagnosis of how these teams can turn their fortunes around.

We fix Bayern Munich, Atletico Madrid, Arsenal, Manchester United and Real Madrid - talking through where the holes in their squads are, the budgets they have to work with, and the players they can afford to fill them - taking a deep dive into transfer insight and tactical sense in equal measure.

In this week's Hot Takes, we take a look at how a 4th to 7th playoff series for the last Champions League spot could make the Premier League more exciting, if Jose Mourinho is the right man to take the vacant Juventus hot seat and whether Frank Lampard is in fact any good at management. Bleacher Roulette takes on more fun and games as we talk about whether we'd prefer the career of Dani Alves or Philipp Lahm, if we'd prefer to score a cup final winner as a first minute screamer or a last minute tap-in, and which teams are most fun to play with on FIFA and Football Manager.

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