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Hello, my name is Harry, and I was caught by the police… and my father was one of the policeman who caught me.

My Mom left us when I was 5, and I’ve only seen her several times since then. I’m 16 now, and this whole time I've lived with my Dad. He was and still is a policeman, and a very good one at that. I was very proud to say that my dad was a police officer when I was a kid, but I realized that it wasn’t as cool as I thought it would be.

He would always come home late and just watch TV. Every time I tried to talk with him, he would barely answer, more often he would say two words, like "yeah, okay,“ and that was it. Like, I would ask him to help me a little bit with my homework, but he would say, "Figure it out yourself, I’m tired.“

By the age of 15, I kinda stopped talking to him, 'cause there was no point in it. He wasn’t interested in anything that was happening in my life.

But it definitely had its advantages. I could basically do whatever I wanted because he was never home. I could invite my friends over or go hang out with them at any time.

Recently, my friend Jason got his driver's license and his parents bought him a used car. We live in a small-ish town, so it was awesome to have a car, now we didn’t have to walk everywhere. If we wanted to get a burger or something, it was just a 5 minute drive instead of a 20-30 minute walk.

All four of us could hang out in this car as much as we wanted, listening to music and hiding from the cold of winter. We LOVED this car.

I also started learning to drive a little bit, usually on the outskirts of town. We got so used to the fact that we never got in any trouble that we started to... overdo it a little bit.

We would open our windows and speed around really fast, putting our heads out the windows, and even putting our tongues out like dogs.

We had this long main road in our town, that went straight through and outside of it. It was incredibly straight and smooth. And there were barely any cars driving around our town at night. You see where I’m going with this, right?

Once, Jason drove through it at full speed and it was awesome, especially with the right music on. We were shouting and cheering all the way through the drive, and I BEGGED Jason to let me do it myself one night.

Finally, after WEEKS of begging, he finally said, "Yes,“ although he really didn’t wanna let me do it.

We drove outside of the city, and I took the wheel. My heart was pumping. I started the car. Soon we were driving at full speed, with the windows open, feeling the wind, and shouting as usual. Even Jason got chill after a while and began to just enjoy the ride.

But then, in an opposite lane… there was a police car. We flew past it, but then we heard the sound of a police siren and saw police lights behind us. I panicked and started to slow down. Jason got very nervous, saying, “What are you doing!? Don’t slow down!”

“What do you mean don’t slow down!?” I asked. Jason continued, “If my parents find out about this, they will take away my car and I don’t know what else! Just drive!” I couldn’t believe it, I tried to say that this was incredibly illogical and that we would probably get into even more trouble, especially if it was my Dad, but Jason and other guys continued to shout, “Drive!”

So I did, I sped up, and turned our car onto one of the smaller streets, and then I slowed down again, because there were a lot of cars parked. Jason got nervous again and said, “Dude, get out of the driver's seat, let me drive!”

I did what he asked – we got out of the car in order to change seats, all of us were scared and we kinda knew that we were doing something really stupid, but we had no choice but to commit to it.

As I'm sure you've already figured out, our daring escape didn’t really work out in the end. A police car stopped behind us, and two policemen got out of it. Of course, one of them was my Dad.

He looked at me and I looked at him. I saw anger in his eyes, although he tried to remain calm. For some time, we just looked like that at each other, nobody saying anything. I started, “Dad, I can explain…” We were told to wait in the car, but our windows were open, so we heard what they were saying.

The other officer said, “Come on, they’re just kids, let’s just give them a warning, so they won’t do it again.” But my Dad said, “They have to learn responsibility.”

So all my friends' parents were called. Jason’s parents took away his car, but otherwise we were basically given a speeding ticket and we were “sentenced” to several hours each of community service where we had to clean up our park and stuff like that. I apologized to Jason and we were able to laugh about it later.

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