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Even though he was just a kid when he first graced the music scene with his presence, Justin Bieber has managed to keep relevant after all these years. He has grown up quite a bit, and it’s hard to believe that he isn’t that adorable kid singing “Baby” anymore. Although he’s done some crazy things in the last few years, like getting engaged to Hailey Baldwin, he hasn’t done anything that's made him lose his fanbase completely. Justin still has his “Beliebers” who support him no matter what he does. Because he got so famous at such a young age, it shouldn’t be a surprise that he's raked in quite a bit of money since his YouTube days. Rumor has it that Justin’s net worth is estimated to be somewhere in the range of $265 million. Curious to know how he's spending all of that hard-earned cash? Watch This Is How Justin Bieber Spends His Millions to find out more!

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