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Becoming a professional athlete can change your life forever. Not only do you get to play the sport you love, but you have the opportunity to make millions of dollars at the same time. Unfortunately, there are some athletes who cannot handle all the money. They spend millions and millions of dollars and once they go broke, they continue to pretend they are still rich.

Terrell Owens had a huge career in the NFL, but he quickly spent his millions and went broke, but that hasn’t stopped him from showcasing his extravagant lifestyle. Warren Sapp was a major defensive player in the NFL, but crazy spending forced him to file for bankruptcy. Ric Flair was larger than life in the WWE, but that lifestyle quickly changed after multiple divorces and medical bills. Johnny Manziel was one of the biggest prospects in the NFL until he was cut from the Cleveland Browns and lost millions. Allen Iverson made all kinds of money playing in the NBA and getting sponsorship deals, but the money disappeared quicker than his career. Former WWE Superstar Joey Mercury lost all of his money after a drug addiction, but was saved by a fellow superstar that completely transformed him. Bryant McKinnie may have won a Super Bowl, but he ran into super money problems related to unpaid bills at clubs. Gilbert Arenas used his millions and millions of dollars to build a shark tank among other things, but now can’t even afford to send his children to school. Scott Hall was one of the top WWE Superstars of all-time, but many problems caused him to lose it all and resort to crowd-funding. Mike Tyson was one of the highest paid athletes of the 1990s, but money issues caused him to blow it all before he even reached the year 2000. Watch to see how these broke stars still pretend they are rich!

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