Xem जानिये क्या है यहूदी धर्म का आस्तित्व और क्या है भारत से इनका रिश्ता - Clip Youtuber #1

जानिये क्या है यहूदी धर्म का आस्तित्व और क्या है भारत से इनका रिश्ता Đăng Tải Bởi Kênh Nello TV   11 months ago

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जानिये क्या है यहूदी धर्म का आस्तित्व और क्या है भारत से इनका रिश्ता

Know what is the religion of Judaism and what is their relation with India - Know about yahudi religion in hindi:
One of the ancient religions of Nia is quite different from other religions in many religions. Jews believe in monotheism. Idol worship is considered a sin in this religion. Today, about 4,000 years old Jewish religion is currently the rule of Israel. Read more about the specific things of Judaism and the connection with the Jews of India.



Judaism begins with the Prophet Abraham (Abraam or Ibrahim), who had lived 2000 years before Christ. Prophet Alai Abraham's first son is named Hazrat Ishaq Alai. And the second name is Hazrat Ismail alai. Was there. Both of them had a father, but the mother was different. The name of Hazrat Isaac's mother was Sarah, and Hazrat Ismail's mother was Hazara.


2. Prophet Alai

The name of Abraham's grandson is Hazrat Alai Yakub was there. Yakub's second name was Israel. Yakub was the only one who made the nation of Israel together with the 12 tribes of Israel. The name of one of the sons of Yakub was Judah (Juda). In Judah's name, his descendants were called Jews and their religion was called Judaism. Hazrat Abraham considers Jews, Muslims and Christians to be their grandfathers The Prophet, the Prophet, of Islam and all of Islam, from Adam to Abraham and from Moses to Moses is the same, but after Moses, the Jews are still waiting for their coming to Pangbah.


3. Jehovah

The Jews call themselves Lord Jahveh or Lord Jews believe that God had first named it to Hazrat Musa. These words occur many times in the Old Testament Scriptures of the Scriptures of the Christians and the Jews.


4. Scripture of the Jews

The Hebrew word 'Hebrew' (Hebrew) and Jewish scripture is 'Tanakh', which is written in Hebrew. It is also called 'talmud' or 'tora'. In fact, by incorporating this scripture into the Christian Bible, it is called 'old Ahadanama', which is called Old Testament. Creation date of b.k. 444 to BC Is believed to be between 100.

The Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) is the greatest name in the history of the Prophet, after Abraam about 1,500 years before Christ. Moses is the chief architect of the Jewish race. Moses is considered the founder of Judaism because of establishing a tradition already established.


5. Ten Orders

Moses was in the time of Egyptian pharaoh It is believed that his mother had shed her in the Nile River. Then the wife of Phrao was raised by them. By becoming older they became Egyptian prince. Later, Moses came to know that he was a Jew and his Jewish nation was suffering from tyranny and there were Jewish slaves here, they gathered the Jews and brought them a new awakening. Moses received ten commandments by God. A mountain of Moses was interviewed with God and with God's help, he defeated Pharaoh and liberated the Jews and delivered their land from Egypt to the Jews in Israel. After this, Moses gave the "Ten Commandments" received by God to Israel in Israel, which is still the principal theoretical of Jewish religion.


6. Sulaiman

After Abraham and Moses, David and his son Solomon are considered more respectable in Judaism. During the time of Solomon, there was a lot of progress in Israeli trade with other countries. Sulaiman has been an important contributor to the rise of the Yadudian race. After the right rule of 37 years, 937 BCE Suleiman died in

7. Jerusalem

Jerusalem Israel is the controversial capital of the country. The Jews, religions, and Islam religion all claim to be on it, because Jews here used to be the Holy Solomon Temple, which is now only a wall. This city is the workplace of Christ Jesus. From here, Hazrat Muhammad went to heaven. That is why it is the center of controversy. But in reality Jerusalem has been the center and capital of the ancient Jewish state. That is why Moses taught the Jews religion.


8. Other penguers

Apart from Adam, Abraham is recognized that the King 'Manu' is considered by the Jews as 'Noah'. Noah had made a large robe at the time of the Holocaust on the order of God and in it he saved the creation by placing all the creatures of creation. The story of King Manu is similar.


Judaism in India today, 2985 years before 973 BC, Jews entered the Malabar coast of Kerala. The prophets of the Jews were Moses, but during that time their chief king was Solomon, also called Suleiman. Naresh Solomon's merchant came for fleet spices and famous treasures. Hospitality Dear Hindu King gave a title and jagir to the Jewish leader Joseph Rabbavan. The Jews settled in Kashmir and the northeast. According to scholars, shortly after the Babylonian conquest of Judia in 586 BC, some Jews first settled in the cranjonor.

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