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How This TikTok Predator Reflects A Greater Problem - TheBudday | TRO Đăng Tải Bởi Kênh The Right Opinion   1 year ago

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The Right Opinion: How This TikTok Predator Reflects A Greater Problem - TheBudday | TRO

The topics we’ve covered of recent, are pretty serious, and you know, I like to be serious, I’m a serious, brooding person, I am the Batman of YouTube, minus the excessive riches, just because the accent is rich, doesn’t mean the pockets are.

So I thought, you know what, we’ll do something more fun, something more upbeat, something that the child friendly twats at YouTube would endorse, Tik Tok, I mean what serious comments can be made about that? It’ll get me rated E for every single little git who wants to click on my videos, yeah, I’m looking at you, little scallywag, you’re watching The Right Opinion now. Yeah, today we’re pulling out the stops to get Susan’s endorsement and talking about…

Susan I’m so sorry but I have a duty to serve, one day I’ll make content that will rival Jimmy Fallon in its inoffensiveness. And honestly, I really did preside over this topic for a while, really considering whether I should do it, TikTok is the peak of joke topics, that anyone should be doing, everyone’s been talking about it, but honestly I think there is a greater phenomenon that it can represent, and that is the art of child predation.

I’ll give a brief run down of Tik Tok for any boomers who are watching, I love you all the same, don’t worry, but all this new technology gets very confusing for you lads, and that’s understandable, it seems rather redundant to me as well, but there’s an audience. You know the old cliché where people grab the nearest microphone shaped ornament, a hairbrush, a toothbrush, you know, and they sing in the mirror. Well, it appears it’s not just some timely fad, it’s clear that there is some inner vanity that needs to be fulfilled, which is why these apps exist. They are basically a virtual mirror for you to lip sync your favourite music or weird quotes. And admittedly I am completely guilty of Snapchatting myself lip syncing desperately and sending it to my friends and probably confusing them greatly, the difference is I don’t put it out for the whole world to see.

Anyhow, basically, my point is, that TikTok is a platform that promotes this on a public basis, so that every 13 year old can post something thinking they’re being all hip, and then have it up there for the rest of their life, so when they go into some job interview they can have their arse torn apart by some manager who went googling their name and found a goldmine, and they’ll forever be known as TikTok Tim because their name is Tim and they did TikTok.

It was founded initially in 2016, but it didn’t start to pick up until a few months ago with the merger of one of its modern contemporaries: Musical.ly, which is another platform with a similar purpose. However, TikTok seems to be even more prevalent than Musical.ly in this current environment, and there are many reasons for why that appears to be, partly because of the absolute mammoth Chinese market, which is where it was originally launched in 2016, that has likely given it a lot of momentum, but also the additional features, that definitely make it more extensive than extensive than previous applications, as well as the fairly straightforward interface that does make creating the content for hyper annoying children nice and easy, which is what we like.

I may be an old man at the age of 21, but I must say, when I was a lad, around the young ages, I didn’t have many privileges of the internet, I lived in the middle of nowhere and the bandwidth wasn’t great, I remember a time when we used dial up. Back then we were witnessing a real movement. The creation of e-relationships, and I don’t mean romantic relationships, though they certainly fall into this category, but I’m talking about connections between people all over the world. The age of the internet truly is an exciting thing, with people being more interconnected than ever, it has created its own culture in a way. And as someone who has benefitted from that there is no way I can ever not praise it.

However, the online world has also brought many threats, and one of those that I want to talk about today, is that of predators. Predators, have always existed, they are nothing new, it’s just the internet gives them a new dynamic to play with, and that means that we have to all be more aware, and in all fairness, the educational system in the UK were very proactive in making sure that we, as children, weren’t roped into such rings, and although I didn’t think I would’ve ever done something like that, nor would my parents have let me, I still ended up in one of those situations. Admittedly, it wasn’t through the internet, I don’t think that would have happened, but I know there are many people in different environments who are susceptible to that, particularly when you may have a rocky real life relationship with those around you and some stranger online offers a better alternative.

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