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10 Hidden Superpowers Goku Wants To Keep Secret!
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Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, and Dragon Ball Super. What do these four shows have in common? Well, dragon balls, of course, but more importantly, Goku. We’ve all come to know Goku as the lovable and insanely powerful protagonist of the franchise. Over the years he has developed quite the arsenal of powers, and it can be difficult to remember everything he can do. For example, did you know he has the power to learn a move just by seeing it performed once? That’s how he learned the famous Kamehameha move from Master Roshi. He also has super senses like improve his eyesight, his hearing, and even smelling.
We all know he eats a lot, but did you ever stop to think about how? There is definitely something superhuman at play. Not only that but he can simply look at something and make it explode. No that’s impressive! Plus did you know he can read minds? He only uses it once on Krillin, but he uses it!
Sure, he has some abilities that aren’t incredibly helpful in a fight against the likes of Majin Buu or Cooler, but a lot of them are. For defense, he can make an energy shield, like Frieza and Cell he has telekinesis, for survival he can hold his breath for extended periods of time, and to help his friends he can use energy transferal. He doesn’t ever use it to help his friends, but he could.
Lastly it was revealed that he could regenerate; really quickly too, probably faster than Piccolo. It’s always been said the Superman is more powerful than Goku, but with all of these new powers and transformations coming to light, he may have finally surpassed the Kryptonian.

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