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Former Child Stars Who Don't Get That They Aren't Famous Anymore Đăng Tải Bởi Kênh Nicki Swift   2 years ago

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Being a child star might seem like a dream at the time, but once the bright lights fade away, and the party stops, what you're left with can be a pretty demoralizing demotion in popularity. Some child stars find a new path to fame, while others are fine to fade into anonymity. But for a few, that fleeting taste of fame is too hard to forget, so they refuse to let go. Here a few former child stars who just don't get that they aren't famous anymore...

Jeremy Jackson | 0:27
​Zachery Ty Bryan | 1:25
Brenda Song | 2:13
Haley Joel Osment | 2:52
Drake Bell | 3:40
​Orlando Brown | 4:30

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