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Why Seven Year Old Lexi Rabe Is Being Bullied After Starring In Avengers Endgame As Tony Stark's Daughter.
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We have heard of many child stars struggles after experiencing fame and fortune at such a young age. The pressures put on them can be huge, and not all child actors can handle the stress, particularly if they don’t have the loving support of their family. Lexi Rabe may still be a child star but her struggles are already apparent. So much so that she has been forced to speak out about how she is being bullied and plead for it to stop. Her mother Jessica S Rabe has also spoken out. It’s hard to understand how anyone could be meant to her, it seems she’s loved by everyone she works with whether it’s Millie Bobby Brown, Robert Downey Jr or Tom Holland. Luckily we’ve seen some support for Lexi too so stay tuned for all of the details.

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