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Philly cop LIES....hears the words "dash cam"...gets owned Đăng Tải Bởi Kênh News Now Philly   8 months ago

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I had stopped at this Sunoco to get gas and pack of cigs for a buddy of mine. I was at the Sunoco for approx. 5 min between the gas and going inside the establishment. After I pull away and proceed through the green light, this cop with a hard on tries to pull up next to me and tell me that I "went through the parking lot" to get the green light. Now the problem with that, is the way I exited is the same way I entered. There is no way to exit the gas station and make a left, other than doing what I did, because there is a median on the other road. (you can see this at the 1:25 mark) If you watch the footage, you'll see him sitting at the red light around the 1:25 mark as well.

When he pulls up next to me, initially he says "that was a pretty slick move you pulled back there".....to which I was very confused, as you'll hear in my response, because nothing I did was even remotely close to illegal. I apologize if the audio is low, I wish I had turned the radio down because you can hear the entire exchange, albeit quiet on the cops end. He does get loud and aggressive though, until I basically call him a liar and drive off.

What a slick MF'er huh?! Doubt he thought I was going to say that I had everything on camera....Kudos to the Philly PD though! Keep it classy guys!

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