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An Introduction to BTS: Jin Version Đăng Tải Bởi Kênh Squishy Min Yoongi   2 years ago

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hello okay so this went up for like less than a minute before getting copy righted and blocked in some places so i deleted it and edited out that part so now hopefully it stays up and everyone can watch it!!! alright now this series is over and ill be moving onto the next! stay tuned for next weeks video :))

oh my gosh it's finally here and tbh im really proud w how this one turned out, cause i worked all weekend on it, and it turned out how i wanted it so yay :) I said it towards the end but ill just explain it more here, thank you guys so much for all the love i received while these vides were being made, they really motivate me to keep making videos, so seriously, thank you so much :))) also, love thIS MANNN. seriously he's one of the most over looked members and just ugH i love him sm he's such a little cutie who likes attention, so plz give it to him ;)

((lmao who knows anymore))

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