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Nick Jonas - Critical (Piano Version) + Lyrics&Download Đăng Tải Bởi Kênh Ssoffia174   9 years ago

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new video. finally!
ive been in love with this song since i first heard it like weeks ago.
and ive been making this video since then. i just dont like it very much so it took a long long time, haha. well...at least i finished it now :D
even though its still not that good. its fine i guess..whatever ;D
so.. i need to talk about nicks voice. is it me or is his voice just getting better and better every single day?? is that even possible. he already has the perfect voice xDD
haha.. but yeah.. im sooooo in love with his voice ;))
well....who isnt???
1..do u guys like this song? :D
2..what about the video? bad or good?
3..what is ur favorite part of the song? (mine is when he sings "i dont wanna go, i just want you in my arms". i love the way he sings that! oh and "when you came you saw, you conquered my heart" ahhh the way he sings "heart")

PROGRAM:sony vegas pro 8
DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?3hfkrlg4v0b72zu
ps. today's demi lovato's 18th b-day!! yaay. i wanted to make a vid for her but.. failed. :/

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