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88,000 tons of radioactive waste – and nowhere to put it Đăng Tải Bởi Kênh Verge Science   1 year ago

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The United States produces 2,200 tons of nuclear waste each year…and no one knows what to do with it. The federal government has long promised, but never delivered, a safe place for nuclear power plants to store their spent fuel. This means that radioactive waste is piling up all over the country. We visited one of the worst places where the waste is stuck: a beachside power plant uncomfortably close to both San Diego and Los Angeles. And we asked the people in charge of the waste there: what happens now?

Video by: Rachel Becker, William Poor, Alex Parkin, Cory Zapatka
Audio Mix: Andrew Marino
Director of Audience Development: Ruben Salvadori
Social Media Manager: Dilpreet Kainth
Thanks to: Julie C Holt, Kevin Crowley, William Charlton

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