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Things people find attractive in different cultures
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Because the world is such a big place, what people find attractive on one side of the globe can be completely different from what people think is beautiful the other side of the planet. From big bright eyes to large red lips, we are giving you all the deets on what people find attractive in different parts of the world.

It seems like many cultures love women who have curves. This is a common standard of beauty in the Middle East as well as Colombia. But, one place you won’t find curvy women is north-eastern Russia. Women in this area of the world like to be sporty, and they work out three times a week to keep a toned and svelte figure.

When it comes to non-mainstream beauty, there are a few cultures around the world that have interesting things they find attractive. A certain tribe in Thailand uses rings to elongate women’s necks. And another tribe in Kenya prefers women with shaved heads and stretched earlobes. But, you have to watch to video to learn more about these tribes and their beauty standards.

We will also take a look at skin lightening in Thailand, how Colombian women like to wear their hair, and what all the different regions in Russia find attractive! When you are done with the video, be sure to tell us what you think in the comment section below! And don't forget to subscribe to TheTalko on YouTube!

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