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Models Bella Hadid And 6 Year Old Alina Yakupova Have Been Named As "The Most Beautiful", And Here's The Reason Behind It.
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Every parent is going to tell their child that they’re the most beautiful child in the whole world. But how many little kids can actually say they were given that title- officially! We’ve found 2019’s most beautiful little girl in the world, and her looks are truly going to wow you. Alina Yakupova is taking the internet, and the modeling world, by storm. And it’s hard not to see why. Her stunning looks and naturally photogenic abilities prove to us that she’s here to stay. She’s only been modeling for two short years as of 2019, but with the fact that she’s a natural in front of the camera and garnering success so early, we think Alina will be modeling well into her adult years. Another model that has been titled “most beautiful in the world” is the famous supermodel Bella Hadid. And they’ve got the math to prove it! We can see where they’re coming from- Bella is absolutely gorgeous- but we didn’t know they actually had a scientific equation for it! Does Alina Yakupova have the same mathematically beautiful face? Maybe, but she’s still got a few years in the industry before we can tell if she’ll be on track to being the world’s most beautiful woman. But we think she’ll settle for the world’s most beautiful GIRL. Russia seems to be the place for other beautiful child models as well as Paris, France, and Nigeria too! Either way, we’ve got the low-down on 2019’s most beautiful girl in the world, Alina Yakupova, and how much the world loves this stunning little girl.

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