HOW GOOD ARE YOUR EYES?👀 19 EASY RIDDLES THAT ARE HARD FOR ADULTS😲 Đăng Tải Bởi Kênh 7-Second Riddles   6 months ago

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Test your eyes and boost your vision with a set of 19 easy riddles that are hard for adults! If you want to know how to increase your IQ and boost your attention, check these riddles out! Pay attention to small details and finding the right answers to these tricky riddles and quizzes won't become a problem for you! Share your answers in the comments:

00:14 - A difficult criminal case to test your critical thinking and analytical skills! Try to solve it before the time is up ;)
01:16 - Find an alien! A portion of easy visual puzzles to test your vision and wake up your brain ;)
02:28 - Imagine that you're on a spaceship! How would you escape? A tricky brain teaser to test your logical skills!
03:34 - A logic riddle to boost your critical thinking and intelligence! Which car should drive back to clear the road?
05:09 - A set of tricky picture puzzles to warm up your brain and prepare your for more complicated brain teasers 👽 I failed all of them except the first one, but I hope you will do better than me!
07:20 - Only a genius will understand what's wrong in this crime riddle. If you can find the answer until your time's up, you have great detective skills and can easily become a special agent😜But don't get upset if you fail like me, it's really a hard level riddle, so just wait for the answer and try another one!
08:49 - A mysterious story about a girl who has run away from home. Why even young people do this...I don't know and you? Anyway, you will have to solve this riddle and find the reason why she did it before anything bad happens. So what do you think?
10:44 - You should train every day if you want to keep your mind sharp, so it's time to exercise your brain now! Can you solve this set of picture puzzles without any hints? Concentrate and be very attentive as this is Level Impossible!
13:17 - Who's pregnant with an alien?👽 A tricky visual quiz to boost your brain and increase your logical skills!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS what kind of riddles do you like most of all!

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