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Update on video!
Writer of the episode, Dave Hill, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly confirmed my arguments in this that the Night King's use of the spiral symbol was intended as insult or desecration of the Children's sacred symbol.
Link: https://nyp.st/2GonNEZ

In Episode 1 of Game of Thrones season 8, poor Ned Umber was made into a spiral decoration by the Night King. And Beric claimed this was a message from the White Walkers to them. In this video, I look at what that message might be, where the spirals the White walkers keep drawing comes from, and what these symbols may mean to the White walkers, the children of the Forest, and humans. And how it may be a message for Jon Snow and Daenerys in particular.

*Note* There's some comments about the spiral arm count being wrong. I messed up, and clipped that part out of the video. Don't make videos in the middle of the night is the lesson here.

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