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LIQUID METAL BULLETS in Slow Motion! Đăng Tải Bởi Kênh TheBackyardScientist   4 years ago

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In this video I shoot the worlds first liquid metal bullets made from sodium and potassium. I recorded the whole thing on a high speed phantom camera borrowed from http://Aimed-Research.com.

I melted the soft lead from .45 caliber hollow point bullets and replaced it with super soft sodium and potassium metal. When you combine sodium and potassium they form a liquid metal! I tested these bullets in a acrylic test chamber filled with water, and recorded the results on a high speed camera.

I chose .45 bullets because they could hold the most metal. Once I melt out the lead, the empty copper jackets can hold around 1 cubic centimeter of material. Lead has a density of around 11g/cm3, and sodium & potassium have a density of only ~1g/cm3. They bullets are much lighter, so they don't have as much kinetic energy. Even though they carry less energy, they expand way faster because of the soft metals. The energy is transferred instantly! A lead bullet takes around 2 feet to stop in water, but these bullets stop in 6 inches!

This was my most expensive video ever, I spent $1300 on sodium, potassium, and a gun!

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