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My Teacher Caught My bf Zipping My Jeans Đăng Tải Bởi Kênh My Story Animated   3 weeks ago

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One morning I woke up and I couldn’t feel my hand. It had happened to me a lot before, but this time it felt different. It felt like my hand had died. My arm was ok, but then after my wrist I couldn’t feel anything. Just air. I moved my fingers, but I felt nothing...they were like ghost fingers. I started shaking it, but I couldn’t wake it up. I was still half asleep, so I whacked it against the wall without really thinking. Suddenly I heard my dad’s voice and he was angry. He worked night shifts, so he’d probably just gone to bed. But I didn’t care. I was starting to freak out. It hadn’t lasted this long before. I ran to the bathroom and put hand under water. Oh my gosh!! I couldn’t even feel the temperature of the water. I touched it with my other hand and realised the water was burning hot. Of course it had to have happened to my right hand. The hand I use for everything. I wanted to google what was going on, but I couldn’t even type with my left hand and I ended up dropping my phone. The screen shattered, and when I tried to pick it up, some of the glass got stuck in my hand. Great. So my right hand was and my left hand was now bleeding. I called out for my mom, but she was already standing in the doorway. “What’s with all the noise?” she said to me, in an angry tone. “Mom, I can’t feel my hand. It’s completely dead!!” I whimpered. And then I started crying. She just laughed at me and said to give it a good shake and it’d be OK. Then she went back to bed and told me to stop acting like a baby. I couldn’t believe it!! I cursed myself for always sleeping on my right side. I’d been so tired the night before that I’d just passed out. I must have slept on my arm for more than 8 hours!! What if I’d done some serious damage?? The worst part was that we had a big exam at school that day, and I had a date with my boyfriend after school. How would I write the exam? And how would he hold my hand if I couldn’t even feel it?? It’d be like I was holding hands with air.. I grabbed onto the sink, and even as I saw my fingers grip onto it, I felt nothing. Trying to make breakfast was a complete disaster. I spilled the milk everywhere, and eventually I sat there and used my teeth to open the bread, and then I ate a slice like an animal, using my teeth to rip it apart. My left hand with the cuts on it was starting to hurt now. And it was weird...but the pain felt good. At least pain meant my hand was alive...unlike my other hand which was just hanging there like a thing. Imagine not having hands...how did people survive? I shivered at the thought of it. When I got to school that day, I noticed my right hand was burnt. I hadn’t even noticed until then. Well, at least it didn’t hurt. My boyfriend gave me a weird look when he saw me, and pointed to my zip. I looked down and gasped. I’d forgotten to zip it up. But I couldn’t do it. He started laughing and asked if I needed some help. At the exact moment that he reached out to zip it up for me, our math teacher passed by and gave us detention for ‘inappropriate behavior’. I couldn’t believe it!! And now we had to go sit our exam… I told my boyfriend about my hand, and he said if I wrapped it up and compressed it, it might get better. I used my scarf and it honestly looked ridiculous. It was exam time. I spoke to the teacher in charge and explained what had happened, and he said it was the worst excuse he’d ever heard. I unwrapped my scarf and tried to pick up the pencil, but it was impossible. So I just sat there. Halfway through the exam, I started to panic. What if it never went back to normal?

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