Xem Steinlager CNF World Record Freedive 102m - Clip Youtuber #1

Steinlager CNF World Record Freedive 102m Đăng Tải Bởi Kênh William Trubridge   4 years ago

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In July 2016, I broke my longstanding (5.5 years!) record in the purest freediving discipline, Constant Weight No Fins, by swimming to 102 meters (334 feet) and back on a single breath of air, and with no propulsive assistance. The dive was televised to breakfast TV in NZ, and sponsored by Steinlager Pure.
Featured in the video are safety divers Jonathan Sunnex, Dean Chaouche and Sofia Gomez, announcer Shiv Madhu, medics Tom Ardavany and Jani Valdivia, and AIDA judges Carla-Sue Hanson and Rob King.

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