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The Golden State Warriors have become a dominant force of basketball. They’ve set records, won championships, and amassed a slew of team and individual achievements. However, there was a time when things weren’t looking so good for the franchise. In fact, the Warriors hold the record for the most seasons without a Playoff appearance, at 35. One of those seasons was in 2010, when the team won just 26 games. However, none of those games were as interesting as the very last…

1. Freestyler provided by AnnoDomination
2. AYYYYYYYYYYYYYY by BenJamin Banger (http://freemusicarchive.org/music/BenJamin_Banger/)
3. F**k Yall, Im Goin Pop by BenJamin Banger
4. The Illest provided by AnnoDomination
5. In This Moment provided by AnnoDomination
6. Not Promised Tomorrow provided by AnnoDomination

Some photos by Keith Allison (Flikr.com/KeithAllison). Shoutout to Keith for taking awesome photos and making them available for sports creators like us. You rock!


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