Xem $25 Vietnam Capsule Hotel - Clip Youtuber #1

$25 Vietnam Capsule Hotel Đăng Tải Bởi Kênh Harald Baldr   6 months ago

9,674,959 Lượt Xem

122,410 Số Lần Thích   6,362 Số Lần Không Thích

■ SAIGON, VIETNAM: Not having seen a capsule hotel since my first trip to Japan in 2001, I became pretty excited when I learnt that Saigon actually has one.

Although pricier than your average budget hotel room in this mega city, Sunland capsule hotel offers something the others don't and hence charge accordingly. A unique experience you'll never forget. I therefore had no choice but to book in to my very own private capsule for a once in a lifetime experience.

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