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Hello! Today Oliver tell his story. He understand that his story is not unusual at all, but he want to share it with yus because it torments him greatly. And his problem is that he love the girlfriend of his best friend.
"William and I grew up together in the neighborhood. In general, this explains our friendship, because in another situation we would hardly become friends.
My family was fine – I had mom, dad, younger sister and the love of my relatives. We had no money problems, because dad earned well off, and mom could afford herself to devote her life to housekeeping and children. And then my family moved, so that the communication with William ended.
After that, William and I met at the military training classes. We both were 15, and somehow we quickly became close friends again. Besides, William was much calmer than before, it seemed that he had found a goal in his life and kept his eyes on the prize. Although no, we were still two young slobs, but at least he no longer threw himself into a fight at the drop of a hat.
William began to study history, reconstructions of battles and military affairs actively. When I asked why he was doing this, he laughed and answered that it was interesting for him. It bothered me a bit, because for me studying in the Military Academy was something bigger and had a huge meaning.
During all kinds of training, William and I covered each other's backs, made friends, walked in the company of the other students in the evenings — in other words, we did the same things as usual teenagers did. We haven’t been thinking much of our future, we simply lived and had fun, and we also knew that if one of us suddenly had to fall, the other one would certainly pick him up.
At the age of 18, when both of us were already studying at colleges - I studied military affairs, and William decided to become the scholar in the field of history - we still remained the closest people to each other. And we continued to cover each other’s backs in controversial situations, because it was the right thing to do. We complemented each other: I was the only one who could stop him from destruction, and he often helped me where I could not do anything myself because of natural indecision. That continued until the day when Lily appeared in our life.
In fact, Lily became friends with William. They became real friends, without any romantic overtones on both sides. And we began to walk together, so it appeared that the company consisted of three of us then. And at some point I realized that I fell in love. And in fact, it was difficult not to fall in love with her – she was a cheerful, insanely cute, red-haired little battery that lit everything around her with light. Well, at least it seemed to me like that because I was in love.
I tried to make our communication more romantic. I invited her for walks and visited her at home, but then I realized that I needed William’s help, because he could advise me how to attract a girl. I was a non-contributing zero in breaking the ice myself. And, of course, they confessed to me that they were a couple and even started to live together recently. They told nothing about it earlier because they did not consider that someone needed to know this. It was worthy of note that William knew about my love, but he, as he admitted himself, was of little concern of that, because he also liked Lily very much. He said: “I managed to be the first.”
We quarreled with William badly. And so my little personal hell began. They often quarreled over a mere trifle, because William still had not a very calm character. When they quarreled, Lily used to come to me, and I calmed her as best as I could, although I hinted that he was not of her level.
We talked to her heart to heart. I realized that I no longer wanted or could remain silent, and confessed in everything - both in my feelings and that I had been consciously betraying my friend for the sake of love. Lily remained silent for a long time, and then told me that I should never again appear on their threshold. Because that was not at all the thing to do for a real friend.
I moved to another city, transferred to another college and resumed communication with William only six months later. I still do not communicate with Lily, although I still love her.".

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