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2013 World Long Drive Championship FINALS Las Vegas Motor Speedway - Total Package vs Blonde Bomber Đăng Tải Bởi Kênh Long DriversUSA   5 years ago

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Now the money is real. Its all or nothing in the Finals so no holding back now. We are one enormous drive away from a winner take all $250,000 first place prize. Who's got the upper hand today? It's going to take over 400 yards to win the 2013 World Long Drive Championship. Each competitor will hit two sets of three golf balls. The Longest Ball wins!

Semifinal Results:
((Tim Burke - 416 yards) vs (Will Hogue - 395 yards))
((Joe Miller - 384 yards) vs (Tyler Kellett - OB))

Final Match :
Joe "The Total Package" Miller - 2010 World Long Drive Champion
Tim "The Blonde Bomber" Burke - 2012 Tour Champion, and Runner up to Ryan Winther in the 2012 WLDC.

Announcing for the Golf Channel
Bob Pappa - Art Sellinger - Michael Breed - Holly Sonders


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