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What Happened To Behind The Meme? A Victim Of The Hate | TRO Đăng Tải Bởi Kênh The Right Opinion   1 year ago

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The Right Opinion: What Happened To Behind The Meme? The Victim Of The Hate? | TRO


Today we’re dealing with the tragic tale of Behind The Meme and issues surrounding semantics regarding that, and boy, do we have a lot to discuss, however, today I want to also talk about philosophy too, because I think it encompasses an interesting element of content creation, and we’ll get to that in a bit, but first, Behind The Meme, who is he, to all those who may not be aware of his infamy.

So essentially, Behind The Meme is a meme channel set up by creator Kyle Bryce, don’t worry his name is public, which he brands as having the intention of educating those who are unfamiliar with memes, providing the audience with a relatively light explanation of the origin of the meme and applications of it. To take a quick example, Harambe, Harambe is a gorilla who eventually became a meme after the meme connoisseurs picked it, and in this instance Behind The Meme explains how Harambe has came to be, you know, whole enclosure incident, satirisation of people’s reaction, and so on.

These videos rapidly picked up steam, with views coming in from the first upload. This wasn’t Kyle’s first channel, so he knew how to make his video semi-competent, although you can tell his microphone isn’t the best, he quickly upgraded and realised the business opportunity. It was all going right, video after video was a hit with the audience, and he was flying high with an audience who had his back.

Yet fast forward less than two and half years later, and it’s almost like we’ve stepped into a different dimension. The happy, colourful Behind The Meme is gone, and in his place is a shell, a shell that is the draw of multiple controversies over the span of a year. What happened? Well after a spell where his videos were performing abysmally with views and ratings alike, he took a break, now we’ll delve into the details of why this flatlined in a bit, stay patient my friends. However, with every break, came the return. And Behind The Meme came back to a fanfare of broken brass. However, the video he posted “What happened to Behind The Meme” seemed to represent a perspective of hope, one in which he had been dragged down by so much, but now he was in a better place, ready not to fumble this situation. He had almost 800,000 subscribers, most of us will never receive that opportunity. He was a new man, ready to take on the world.

But then he posted a five part series, which were abstract in their presentation and disturbing in their subtext, with vague, foreshadowing language. A far cry from his initially rather innocent, child-friendly content of his meme synopsis videos. This understandably had people concerned.

Now we’re going to address that in due course, but I wanted to provide a quick rundown of what’s going on.

Today I have a lot of questions, that many people have, why did this happen, why did the innocent meme reviewer end up in what must be some sort of delusional state of mind, what were the causes of this, were these causes justified? How could such a cheerful person, so intent on spreading knowledge turn into one of the most twisted characters online.

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