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Why #Qanon is Making the Deep State 💩 their Pants - Jordan Sather [Part 2] Đăng Tải Bởi Kênh Edge of Wonder   6 months ago

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Why is the mainstream media so bent on calling Q a conspiracy? After the big nothing burger of the #Mueller report came out, the report is showing that the #MSM was the conspirators this entire time. Many people are now starting to re-think the mainstream narrative so who is Q and why does it have such a massive following?

On this second part episode of Edge of Wonder with Jordan Sather of Destroying the Illusion, we discuss why the #DeepState are becoming so afraid of Q and how President Donald Trump's administration just might be behind the entire movement.

Part 1: How Q is Kicking the Deep State in the Caballs - Jordan Sather - https://youtu.be/cF3pvzi-N58

*Sorry everyone the noise in the background are these small Coqui Frogs which are not native to Hawaii and have become a huge pest to the Big Island. Also Ben's mic cut out which is why his volume is low.

Special thanks to Superfly Jimbo and Cameraman Dan for the great set up!

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