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Japanese motorcycle gangs have wreaked havoc since the 1970s. Known as Bosozuku, these gangs have a violent history, raging war against rival crews and cops. Gang members roamed the highways, sometimes hundreds at a time, with an array of brutal weaponry, customized bikes, and distinct crew jumpsuits. Being part of one of these motorcycle gangs was a frantic lifestyle, one that could easily lead to grievous bodily harm, and death.

Youth were recruited from their early teens to join the gangs under the mentorship of an elder. It was of utmost importance to protect the reputation of the gang, to never run from a fight, even when grossly outnumbered.

In recent years, with strict laws and police cracking down, Bosozoku have become nearly extinct. Yet for those who were a part of the subculture during its heyday, Bosozoku will always provide a fond memory of the recklessness of youth.

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