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10 famous athletes who don't resemble their former selves, some for the bad and others for the better.
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Athletes are a more subversive breed of celebrity. Their chief concern is not beauty, fame, or even money; it’s success within a respective sport. Though some certainly fall victim to the intoxicating gaze of the public eye, bent on fulfilling its every desire, many are unconcerned or even uncomfortable with the spotlight. Sure, there are egos, but the egos are their own and not manufactured by a publicity department. The best athletes have the autonomy that other public figures lack. Do you think Mike Tyson cares how he’s viewed by the media? Absolutely not. His value was onefold: boxing. He knew it and the people with money knew it. That’s the source of his power. Your approval is meaningless to Mike Tyson, and this is an ideal adopted by sports giants of comparable greatness. Letting oneself go is not surrendering dignity, it’s the declaration of freedom from the all-judging eye. For every athlete that takes this position, however, there’s one who does the opposite, sacrificing one’s inner and outer self for prolonged relevancy. This never works, and often leaves the athlete worse than before. Whichever of these positions an athlete takes, their appearance tends to change drastically once the career ends and the spotlight dims. We just hope it’s on their terms.

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