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What Are The Actors Who Played In TV Drama The O.C Doing Now? Is The O.C. Reboot Happening...
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Mischa Barton’s into it. So is Peter Gallagher. Rachel Bilson wants to do it too. We’re talking about an “O.C.” reboot! Reboots are in the air. With “90210,” “Full House,” Gossip Girl,” and so many more TV show resurrections, it’s inevitable, right? Half the cast is onboard. There are a few who might still need to be convinced. So what has the cast of “The O.C.” been up to since the show ended in 2007? For celebrities like Chris Pratt and Olivia Wilde, it’s been non-stop Hollywood magic. But a few of the castmates haven’t had it so easy. In fact, there has been just as much drama offscreen after the show as there was onscreen.

Mischa Barton struggled very publicly with mental health issues before landing her spot as a castmate on “The Hills” new show “New Beginnings.” Another “O.C.” castmate is going through a divorce. But is hasn’t all been bad. In fact, there are a couple of cast members who met their future spouses on set. There were weddings and babies, and happy endings. So the question is, would the old crew get back together for a modern day reboot? Peter Gallagher is all for it. Rachel Bilson said she’s open to it. And Mischa Barton’s all over it. It just might take a little convincing for a couple of castmates who want to put the past behind them. Why is that? And what exactly has happened to the cast of “The O.C.?”

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