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My Worst Injuries (ft. Haminations) Đăng Tải Bởi Kênh Infamous Swoosh   9 months ago

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I got rekt to be honest w/ you

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injuries (in order, final warning):

(hitting the escalator) https://twitter.com/InfamousSwoosh/status/1031342920337707008

(update on escalator injury) https://twitter.com/InfamousSwoosh/status/1032010764213735432

(falling off bike injury) https://twitter.com/InfamousSwoosh/status/1034154504332222465

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hey, guys thanks for watching. I've been working on this video since November so I really hope you enjoy. Sorry if you clicked on the images and thought they were gross, I did warn you though. I don't think I want to make long animations anymore because it takes too much time. I'm still gonna have my usual content, just shorter. that way we both benefit. anyway, I gotta run but thanks again for watching and supporting me :)

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