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Glowing 1000 DEGREE KNIFE VS. CHANEL BAG + MAKEUP Đăng Tải Bởi Kênh jeffreestar   3 years ago

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HEY EVERYONE!! Over the last few months I've seen SO many videos of dudes cutting through random items with a 1000° GLOWING hot red knife!!!! YouTuber "Mr. Gear" has made this trend so popular on YouTube, ya'll know I had to try it out for myself... So when Manny called me last week and asked me if I was down to cut open some crazy shit... I COULDN'T RESIST!!!! I think I'm addicted to this now!! HAHA Since Manny & I are makeup artists, we decided to cut open some of our personal makeup products that we love! Including... OUR OWN lipsticks that we created!! But I thought that wasn't enough... So I sacrificed one of my Chanel 'Boy Bag's and put it to the TEST!!!!

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This video is for entertainment purposes. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!!! We had Nathan and my videographer on stand-by with fire extinguishers! We also wore protective gloves and goggles!
Side Note: If you're mad that I destroyed a meaningless designer bag (that I paid for) then you need to reevaluate what's important in your life. Try laughing and enjoy the debauchery!

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