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If you're going to be lost in the wilderness, you probably don't want Bear Grylls with you. The Man vs. Wild host has built a brand of survivalist techniques and TV shows. His tips make for decent TV, but as survival advice, they're kind of terrible. Here's the worst advice Bear Grylls has given.

There's a reason why the FDA says you should cook meat to a safe minimum internal temperature. It's because raw meat can make you sick. Sure, you've seen Bear Grylls eat raw meat on TV, but you don't know what was happening to him gastrointestinally a couple days later, and that's reason enough for caution.

It might be tempting to think that bacteria like salmonella and E. coli are mostly just a problem in overcrowded factory-farming conditions, but the Illinois Department of Public Health says those dangerous microbes can also be found in wild game. And if the vomiting and explosive diarrhea doesn't finish you off when you're out there without access to clean water and a toilet, the parasites probably will.

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Raw game meat is edible | 0:18
Throw food at a bear | 0:58
Pull leeches right off | 2:09
Drink your urine | 3:12
Climb down waterfalls | 4:13
Downed utility wires make great zip lines | 5:17
Climb inside a dead camel | 6:08
Live spiders are good for you | 7:10
Calories are for burning | 8:22
Survival = risk-taking | 9:14

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