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GOKU vs EVERYBODY - UCF7 part 1 Đăng Tải Bởi Kênh Toonsmyth Productions   7 years ago

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GOKU battles HULK, TRANSFORMERS and many more in the ultimate cartoon fighting epic brawl, and you will NEVER guess who wins!!! Part one of four. a cartoon by Myk Friedman. 2012 Toonsmyth Productions. End theme from "I'm So Happy" by PLECOSTOMUS. Part 2 coming in 3 weeks! Stay TOONed!
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Check out more from the voice of Goku at Trixen01's channel!
...and if any of you are thinking about commenting on how the Fish Hooks characters should not be as big as humans, you can just forget it. You should realize by now that normal physical rules don't apply in the UCF-iverse.

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