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Back in the 2000s, MTV Cribs was one of the former music video channel's most popular and fascinating shows. Each episode took viewers into the homes of pop stars, rappers, athletes, and actors, and the celebrities themselves gave guided tours of their luxurious surroundings. Of course, it was pretty much just a set up for them to flaunt their wealth. But if viewers ever felt envious of all that stuff those stars had, well, the stars might have felt envious, too. That's because many episodes of the show were staged… and actually full of lies. Here are some episodes of Cribs that weren't exactly truthful, to say the least...

Robbie Williams | 0:39
JoJo | 1:10
50 Cent | 1:52
Bow Wow | 2:41
Birdman | 3:15
Ja Rule | 3:43
Redman | 4:19

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