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My name is Cindy, and you won’t believe it when I tell you that my has been pregnant for 4 years in a row! How is that even possible, you ask? Well, when you’re 11 years old, you can’t really understand how pregnancy works. It brought a lot of confusion, not to mention that it almost ruined my life. Until one day when the secret she was hiding behind her weird pregnancy got revealed! I will explain everything, I promise it will make more sense... see, my father, and I used to live in a very tiny house. We weren’t struggling to find food, but we weren't exactly rich either. Despite all the circumstances, my made sure I was okay no matter what. As for my father, well… he decided not to stick around, and he left us when I was only 1 year old, so I barely remember him. It was for my mom, but it didn't break her spirit. In fact, she juggled two jobs and worked for nearly 14 hours per day to support me. That was until the day she got pregnant. It was pretty random and weird because Mom never dated anyone. “How could she have a baby on her own?” I thought. And that’s not all. The craziest part of the story was that she had also quit her two jobs out of the blue, and in less than a month, we moved a different city and in a bigger house! I didn’t understand what was going on, and despite my many questions at the time, I never got a clear answer as to what was happening. All I knew was that we were finally able to afford things, just like normal people! Except for the fact that I had a Mom who was pregnant all the time!! Yes, you’ve heard that correctly. And believe it or not, she came up with an explanation that made perfect sense. Since I was enough to understand how relationships worked, we sat down and talked. She asked me if I knew what surrogacy was. I said “No”. She explained that some people can’t have children on their own due to several medical concerns of one or both parents. I found out that not all can carry a pregnancy to term. Rather than risk complications, surrogacy can be a couple’s best option to have a baby. Simply put, my Mom “borrowed” her body for other couples to be able to have children. She was healthy and strong, and she could carry a perfectly healthy pregnancy to term. Hearing that news, I was in shock for a few minutes. Surrogacy, I thought! Wow, my Mom was a hero; helping others have a family is a really big deal. I burst into tears, apologizing for believing she was lying all this time. But I guess I was too young to understand a 4-year old pregnancy. It turns out being a surrogate was perfectly legal and she had been doing it twice. I had never seen the first baby, but I thought since I was too young at the time, I didn’t even notice. Mom had signed up with a surrogacy agency, and that’s why she was pregnant all the time; because she carrying other people’s babies. In exchange, she was entitled to a monthly amount of money that would suffice for us to live comfortably. She explained it was worth the effort because she could no longer deal with the stress of a 14-hour workday; not to mention that she barely spent time with me. Finally, it made sense where the money came from! At first, it was difficult for me to accept what Mom did for a living. However, you guys can’t imagine how relieved I felt that day. Initially, I believed that Mom’s pregnancy was fake and that she was deceiving everyone only to get free money. Doing that for 4 years is a very serious felony and she could go to prison if they caught her. But thank God Mom was an honest person. And deep down I was really proud of what she was doing. But that happiness didn’t last much longer, because yes, she was indeed a scammer. Allow me to continue the story. I’m gonna tell you in detail how the police caught her red-handed. Years were passing by and the state of her pregnancy never changed. Ok I got that. From what she told me, I was too young to give importance to her first pregnancy. Nonetheless, when I really noticed something was off, it was when I turned 15. I was no longer a little girl and thanks to the internet I could tell she was lying. Truth be told, I became extremely suspicious of my Mom’s situation. I strongly believed there was more to her pregnancy that meets the eye. And I was right. But I couldn’t figure out an answer, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. Of course, turning my Mom to the police was not an option for me. I felt so guilty that I had to do something about it. Her secret was eating me alive and although I was happy with our new comfortable lifestyle, I felt it didn’t belong to us. I went to Mom to ask for an explanation on my 15th birthday. When I asked her “ Why are you never sick or tired?”, she froze.

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